The Transparency Moment


There’s a new episode of Musonomics, and it’s all about transparency in the music industry — or the lack thereof.

In this episode of Musonomics, Larry Miller looks at the lack of information transparency in the music industry. Why do artists still get indecipherable paper reports from labels and music services in the digital age, and how do we know those reports are accurate? Why is it so hard to get easy answers to simple questions about royalty rates and royalty payments? Grammy Award-winning composer and big band leader Maria Schneider shares how the lack of transparency drove her to take her music off the internet and Jeff Price of Audiam and Revelator’s Bruno Guez outline the byzantine complexity of the music industry’s royalty payment systems.

Listen to episode 7 on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Stitchr, and iHeart Radio and as always, you can listen to music from episode 7 on our Spotify playlist:

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